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Love marriage solution Astrologer, for denying in the marriage there are several problems . the main cause is the planetary movement is responsible for the delay in the marriage. according to planetary movement if there is 7th house is empty then there has a possibility for the deny in the marriage. with the help of astrologer marriage solution you can get many results which described to the nature of the married life for all the planets in the 7th house individually & all of those can vary from anything between the good and the bad. Each planet which was presented in the 7th house can give the good or bad marriages subject to the specific combination.

marriage solution Astrologer is when a lot of hogwash that strength or weakness of planets/houses will deny marriage. Denial is not a result of weakness, but of complete absence of results. A weak house can give varying results, such as distance with the spouse, ill-health to the spouse, divorce, short-life, delayed marriage, etc. But for marriage to be denied completely, strength is irrelevant.

With the help of love marriage solution astrologer understand the concept of the possible situations which can occur:-

  • Denial of Marriage
  • Marriage but denial of any marital bliss
  • Relationship without Marriage
  • Social obstruction to marriage
  • Ascetism

Above mentioned are the major factors which creates the deny in the marriage.

Denial of Marriage:

Here in the denial of the marriage describes that neither getting marriage, nor any physical relationships. according to love marriage solution astrologer it describes that the 7th house needs to be afflicted.

According to the love marriage solution astrologer, marriage is governed by the following factors:

  • 7th house
  • 7th lord
  • Venus
  • 7th house from Moon (not the lord)
  • 7th house from Venus (not the lord)
  • Navamsha placement of 7th lord and Venus.

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marriage solution astrologer

Marriage but denial of any marital bliss

Afflictions leading to denial of results of the 12th house and influence of impotent planets on the 7th house. Now, for reference in such cases of sexual capability, Mars, Sun and Jupiter are masculine, Venus and Moon are feminine while Saturn and Mercury are impotent. Rahu and Ketu can be considered similar to Saturn and Mars respectively. If 12th house is afflicted and 7th lacks a gender aspect, physical partnership in marriage would be denied. If Venus is debilitated, it seals the fate. If 8th is afflicted, it is due to lack of sexual virility. If other houses are afflicted, reasons can change.

Relationship without Marriage

If 7th is completely afflicted but Venus and the 5th house gain strength, relationships would remain without marriage. If 12th is strong, bed-pleasures will not be denied. If both 5th and 7th and Venus are afflicted but 12th is strong, bed-pleasures would be attained without emotional involvement.

Social obstruction to marriage

9th and 5th being afflicted and Jupiter being in malefic influence or retrograde.


Combinations of asceticism are many. But if a horoscope indicates Sanyas or any indications of Sanyas, no other combinations need to be present to deny marriage. Of course, sanyas must be indicated in the horoscope and in behavior.

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