Vashikaran Totke

Vashikaran Totke

Vashikaran Totke

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India is a land of inscrutability. People from centuries ago are practicing such skills, for which science has no answer, and perhaps that makes India incredible. Vashikaran and Totke top the list. From getting the attention of beloved ones to curing an illness by a simple remedy, all these practices by your grandparents might surprise as well as amuse you. On the one hand, science and technology in India are touching the ninth cloud, and on the other side, these kinds of practices still show their results. But it is all a matter of their faith that makes things work positively. In this article, we will make you understand the difference and logic between Vashikaran and Totke.

What is Vashikaran?

Vashikaran or bewitchment is a technique of mesmerizing or hypnotizing someone else for our benefits. From your grandparents, you might have heard the stories of Love Marriage Specialist Vashikaran for getting beloved ones, to control someone, to defeat the enemy, etc. but the question is, Is Vashikaran real?

Vashikaran is a brain game. A person who has no control over his mind can never perform Vashikaran on someone else. It is a tantra that and legacy that has been used since ancient times to control someone’s account. To practice Vashikaran, one must have super control over his mind and concentration power. Generally, Vashikaran is practiced by Vashikaran Tantriks or practitioners in India.

You might be shocked, but people even today look for Vashikaran techniques to get their work done without any effort.

Some of the most popular Vashikaran techniques are:

  • Put a silver anklet into your urine either in a glass or earthen pot for 21 days. Clean the anklet with ash and give it to the woman you want to hypnotize. If the woman wears that anklet, she will forget everything for you.
  • Take the seeds of Tulsi and grate it. Mix it further with sahdie juice. If the paste is applied on the forehead of a person, then the person gets in control of the doer.
  • Mix camphor and mansheel with the juice of banana. Anyone who as applied this mixture on his forehead gets the power to hypnotize anyone who sees them.

What is Totke ?

These Totke work like nushkas; it might be effective for some and can be a myth for others. As it is said, it is all a matter of faith. There is no such science behind the Totke , they just work as other non-usual things do.

Some of the commonly known Totke are:

You might have seen your grandmother keeping sindoor taken from Hanumaj ji feet and keeping into luggage while traveling. It is done to protect expensive things from getting stolen.

Every time you go out, your mother feeds you with dahi and sakkar, it is believed that it brings good news and prosperity.

These were some techniques using which a person can be hypnotized. But usage of these techniques is entirely illegal and can get you behind the wars. Everything is predecided, so one should not interfere in the process of nature. But you can use these  Love Problem Solution Totke if you believe they will bring a positive change in your life.